Paola Goppion, Goppion Caffè SpA

Deputy Chairman 
Antonio Barbera, Barbera dal 1870 SpA 

Board of Directors 
Antonio Barbera, Barbera dal 1870 SpA
Marco Corsini, Caffè Agust Srl
Enrico Meschini,  Le Piantagioni del Caffè Srl
Paola Goppion, Goppion Caffè SpA
Serena Nobili, Dini Caffè srl

Technical Commission 
Adelio Bernini, Blaser Café AG (presidente) 
Graziano Carrara, Carrara Srl Coffee Agencies 
Sergio Goppion, Goppion Caffè SpA
Enrico Meschini,  Le Piantagioni del Caffè Srl
Franco Mondi, Mondi Caffè CT&M.Srl
Enrico Romano, CBC Coffee Brokers Company Srl


Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati
Via Pieroni 27
57123 Livorno - Italy
Tel/ Fax +39 0586 407321
Email: segreteria@caffespeciali.it
Pec: cscoffee@legalmail.it


Joining the Certified Specialty Coffee Association, members are given access to selected and certified prime materials - possessing the characteristics of excellence required to achieve CSC quality certification - so that the coffee which reaches the cup isn’t just any old coffee, but is rather one of true quality.


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