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CSC - Certified Speciality Coffee

is an association born of the experience and passion of a group of roasters with a single common purpose: that of promoting the culture of quality coffee, to affirm the value of a quest arising from their own traditional professional backgrounds. This mutual dream - this authentic and unerring ideal - has given birth to a project which aims to make coffee a choice of flavour, and not just a simple habit. An undertaking which represents a dual challenge: that of the market and that of breaking strong habits


Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati
Via Pieroni 27
57123 Livorno - Italy
Tel/ Fax +39 0586 407321
Email: segreteria@caffespeciali.it
Pec: cscoffee@legalmail.it


Joining the Certified Specialty Coffee Association, members are given access to selected and certified prime materials - possessing the characteristics of excellence required to achieve CSC quality certification - so that the coffee which reaches the cup isn’t just any old coffee, but is rather one of true quality.


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