CSC is therefore able to guarantee, by means of supervision from the coffee plantation to the coffee cup, the superior level of blends marketed by its members.

The association’s charter and regulations establish the procedures and requirements necessary for the certification of the blends marketed by each of the member firms. The activity consists of intervention in all phases of the coffee production cycle, starting from the identification of the plantations possessing the best requisites up to the checks carried out at the single roasting firms.

A special label - progressively numbered and provided with an anti-forgery device - certifies that the packet to which it is applied contains solely sCertified Speciality Coffee,  offered by each of the members in their blends.

The association’s regulations contain the list of the requirements necessary for a raw coffee coming from producing countries to be considered “special” and thus worthy of obtaining the CSC quality certification.

So what does certified speciality coffee really mean?
“It means that we have been in person to select the plantations from which our raw coffee originates and that we check, on an annual basis, the quality of the harvest based on set standards. It means that the shipments purchased by members are re-checked at discharge and tested by highly qualified tasters. And yet again, it means that CSC controls continue throughout roasting, to ensure that blends marketed with our sticker are produced using only certified green coffee and that the correct roasting, blending and packing procedures are followed.”
Enrico Meschini, founder.
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Joining the Certified Specialty Coffee Association, members are given access to selected and certified prime materials - possessing the characteristics of excellence required to achieve CSC quality certification - so that the coffee which reaches the cup isn’t just any old coffee, but is rather one of true quality.


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