CSC does not purchase coffee, but organizes and carries out the controls necessary to guarantee its quality. To achieve this end a series of procedures are put into effect, involving all the phases of the coffee production cycle, starting with the identification of plantations in possession of specific requisites, right through to tests at the plants of the individual roasters.

Our producers must guarantee continuity of quality

That’s why green coffee producers selected by CSC must prove: - that they own the plantation(s) whose coffee CSC intends to certify; - that they own the machinery used to process the harvested coffee or use companies which are either CSC certified or which hold ISO certification; - that they themselves export the green coffee produced. Further, the producers must also receive a positive grade from our inspectors during their periodic on-site inspections.

The Technical Commission establishes whether a coffee is “special”

For each origin of green coffee the Technical Commission defines the standards of excellence necessary to obtain CSC quality certification, and also identifies the ideal areas and altitudes for cultivation, as well as the best times for shipment. Moreover the Technical Commission verifies that the quality of the green coffee from each crop complies with the established quality standards.

Producers must demonstrate the quality of their crops

Once a year our coffee producers must send a representative sample of their crop so CSC can evaluate the quality level.

Inspection at unloading verifies the quality of each shipment purchased by CSC Members

When an associated roaster purchases a shipment of certifiable coffee, CSC performs sampling during unloading operations. The discharge sample is then sent to the tasters who compare it with the previously tasted crop sample. If the taster confirms that the quality of the discharge sample corresponds to the representative crop sample, CSC sends the roaster a number of labels proportionate to the quantity of green coffee purchased.


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Joining the Certified Specialty Coffee Association, members are given access to selected and certified prime materials - possessing the characteristics of excellence required to achieve CSC quality certification - so that the coffee which reaches the cup isn’t just any old coffee, but is rather one of true quality.


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